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DoctorsTelemedSM is the only network of clinicians
supported by the Medical Society of Northern Virginia,
a professional association that represents
community physicians.
DoctorsTelemedSM’s mission is to deliver the highest quality care directly to patients, leveraging the power of technology to expand access, meeting patients’ demands for immediate care at a reasonable price point.

How It Works

DoctorsTelemed is all about convenience and accessibility.


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benefits of telemedicine sessions


  • Convenient and quality care at affordable rates 24/7
  • Wide selection of multi-specialty, licensed, board-certified doctors
  • Easy access: on-call sessions or scheduled appointments
  • Eliminate travel and waiting time
  • Fewer missed work days
  • Access DoctorsTelemedSM through desktop or laptop
  • Your prescriptions are sent instantly to the pharmacy of your choice as soon as your virtual consultation is over
telemedicine security


  • HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform
  • HIPAA-compliant data storage: encrypted personal health information
  • Complete privacy: only our doctors can see your records
  • DoctorsTelemedSM does not record or store video sessions

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